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Letter to the Editor: Used Cameras needed, or not?

Dear Editors:

I am writing to you regarding one of your articles in the following:
Newspaper: Arcadia Weekly – July 24,2014 issue
Newspaper section: LOCAL NEWS
Featured article title: “Digital cameras wanted for low-income baby-boomer shutterbugs.”
The article stated that the Theatre of Hearts was seeking donations of digital cameras for their Creative Aging in Residence (CAAIR) class. I called the phone number provided (213-384-6878) to get further information about donating one of my digital point-&-shoot cameras. They provide me their address (672 So. La Fayette Park Place, Suite #47, Los Angeles, CA 90057). They said they would send me a donation receipt/acknowledgement letter when they receive the package.
I carefully packaged the camera in its original box along with the manual, charging cords, SD card, etc. and sent it via US Mail on August 6, 2014. After 6 weeks, I did not hear from them. Thus, I called, and the person answering said they had received the package but had NOT opened it yet! Wow, they must have not needed any donations after all!
Now it is October 8, 2014, and I still have not received any confirmation.
I learned my lesson… I will no longer respond to requests for help if I am not directly familiar with the organization.
Who knows, a volunteer or a worker may have just kept it for themselves.

-Name withheld by request

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