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Dear Editor: An Open Letter To Eligible Voters

Dear Editor: An Open Letter To Eligible Voters

October 20 will be here before you know it. Oct. 20? Who’s thinking about Oct. 20, the last day to register to vote? Chatter about the November 4 election is barely audible. Maybe tomorrow is the day to finally open the election booklet from the secretary of state – if it hasn’t gone out in the trash. Maybe after hitting the gym and putting up the Halloween lights would be a good time.
The Rev. Ed Bacon says not voting is a sin. Maybe that means nor registering is original sin?
Why people don’t vote-or register -was the topic of discussion following a recent League of Women Voters Pasadena program on the pros and cons of the seven ballot measures. (That’s a mercy, since we often have many more than that.)
Here is sample of what people had to say about why people don’t vote.
Tuesday is not a good day.
My vote doesn’t matter.
Issues are too complicated.
Too much misinformation.
Too many elections.
Money: power of big interests rule
So what’s a voter to do? Vote, obviously. But also make sure friends and relatives are registered, particularly those who turn 18 by Nov. 4. Re-registering is required if you move or legally change your name. Forms are available at county elections office, library, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, or U.S. post office.
As for “my vote doesn’t matter,” a single vote has changed elections. If no one votes, we lose democracy. Now that is a scary thought.
As for complicated issues and too much misinformation, the League pros and cons are an easy place to start. Public libraries have copies or call our office, 626-798-0965. The secretary of state booklet is invaluable. For a fast study, go to
When it comes to too many elections, the power of money and elections on Tuesday, there is work to be done. All joking aside, voting is a serious matter. Call us if you need help: 626-798-0965.

-Marna Cornell, President
League of Women Voters Pasadena

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